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Fuel Systems

Hemi cross ram carburetors
mopar performance parts brings back these original equipment holley carbs for 1964,1965,and 1968 race hemi's.these are the exact re-issues of the original carburetors.
P4452778 Hemi cross ram carb. Right hand 844.00
P4452779 Hemi cross ram carb. Left hand 844.00
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440 Tall Throttle Bracket

Used to attach the throttle spring to Mopar M1single plane intake applications or when using a 1" carb spacer.
P4510318440 Tall Throttle Bracket 70.80

Cross Ram Linkage

For use with Hemi Cross Ram Intake Manifold P5007534 and Holley Carburetors (P4452778 and P4452779).
P4510635Cross Ram Linkage365.00

Max Wedge Linkage Kit

For use with Max Wedge Intake Manifold P5007330 with Carter AFB Carburetors or Edelbrock Performer Series Carburetors.
P5153567Max Wedge Linkage Kit 386.00
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Tall Spring Bracket

A tall return spring bracket for use on Mopar M1 single plane intake applications or when using 1"carb spacer.
P4510646Tall Spring Bracket32.95
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Thin Carburetor Adapter

Designed with air/fuel flow technologies versus ease of machining. These adapters are only 1/16" thick and allow the use of square bore caburetors on spread bore manifolds.
P5007869Thin Carburetor Adapter 23.50
accelerator return spring bracket
designed for magnum 300/380 crate motors w/4 bbl carb intake manifold.developed to hold accelerator pedal return spring in proper relationship to carburetor.
P4876313 accelerator spring bracket 21.25
Bracket magnum- cable mounting
for magnum 300/380 crate motors w/carbs. designed to hold stock throttle cable to mopar performance parts magnum intake. will hold throttle cable in proper relationship to carburetor. Includes hardware.
P4876850 cable mounting bracket 35.63
Holley service gasket sets
since every model is different package contents will include only the necessary parts for proper servicing of the following: primary bowl,primary metering block, secondary bowl, secondary metering block, plate gaskets, required bowl screw o-rings, and fuel transfer tube o-rings,as required.
P4349304 R4412 and 7448 2bbl 20.85
Six pack holley carburetors
these are the exact re-issues of the original equipment six pack. Order one center and two outboard carburetors to match your engine.
P4349235 Holley Carburetor— Center (1969–70 “B”/“RB” Six Pack) 751.00
P4349237 Holley Carburetor — Center (1971 “RB” Six Pack MTX) 520.00
P4349238 Holley Carburetor — Outboard (1971 “RB” Six Pack) 392.00
secondary diaphragm sets
sold individually
P4349321 for holley 3x2 bbl outboard carbs. 26.60
six pak gasket set
these kits include OE gaskets made exactly the way they were produced in the early 1970's.each set includes 3 premium quality air cleaner gaskets and 3 premium carb to manifold gaskets. Fits all 6 bbl applications.
P4529060 6 bbl gasket set 13.75
six pak choke
reproduction OE choke thermostat assembly fits all production 6 bbl applications.
P4529185 6 bbl choke 50.75
six pak linkage kit
this 6 bbl linkage kit is perfect for repair or restoration projects. The kit includes front carb rod,rear carb rod,front and rear clips, adjusting pivot, throttle cable, bolt,nut, clip, and washer assembly.
P4529061 6 bbl linkage kit 87.95
six pak air cleaner lid
P2946393orange six pak air cleaner lid(only) 80.65
Mechanical fuel pumps
"B/RB" and hemi engine applications
P4007039ab high output fuel pump produces higher fuel flow than stock (80 gph@ psi) "B/RB" and hemi engines. 216.00
"A" engines applications

moly -coated fuel pump eccentric

the moly-coating on this fuel pump eccentric significantly reduces friction and wear.
P4120484 "A" engine 32.95
P5007546 chrome fuel pump block-off plate this chrome plate covers the hole left when removing mechanical fuel pump for replacement w/ electric pump.gasket included. 13.75
cast air cleaner system
this complete air cleaner package features a cast aluminum lid with mopar logo painted in black to match the style of the cast aluminum mopar valve covers. Includes 12 3/4" element.
P5249807 cast air cleaner package 83.50

Replacement Air Cleaners

These are original-style (unsilenced) Replacement Air Cleaners, as found on 1968–69 340, 383 and 440 high-performance engines. Air cleaners are offered in chrome-plated. The chrome air cleaner is available with or without a breather tube. All air cleaner packages come with a base plate, filter element, base-to-carb gasket, air cleaner stud and chrome-plated wing nut. These air cleaners provide better airflow to help produce more horsepower than most aftermarket air cleaners. To top off your air cleaner, add one of Mopar’s original style engine identification plates.
P4529002 chrome without breather tube 166.80
P4529025 chrome with breather tube 166.80
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Engine identification plates

the proper selection of engine ID plates is as follows: 1967-68- RED 1969-71-ORANGE
P4529071 440 magnum-orange 50.95
P4529072 440magnum-red 50.95
P4529073 383 road runner-orange 50.95
P4529074 383 road runner red 50.95
P4529075 383 4bbl-red 50.95
P4529076 commando 383-red 50.95
P4529077 chrysler TNT 440-orange 50.95
P4529078 chrysler TNT 440-red 50.95
P4529079 440 super commando-orange 50.95
P4529080 440 super commando-red 50.95
P4529081 super commando 383-orange 50.95
P4529082 super commando 383-red 50.95
P4529083 340 4 bbl-orange 50.95
P4529084 340 4 bbl-red 50.95
P4529085 383 magnum-orange 50.95
P4529086 383 magnum-red 50.95
optional plates to cover engines that were
not available in the 1960's and 1970's
P4876414 360 magnum-orange 50.95
P4876415 318 4 bbl-orange 50.95
P4876416 360 4 bbl-orange 50.95
P4876417 440 4 bbl -orange 50.95
P4876448 hemi 4 bbl-orange 50.95

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Throttle Body

P4510363Throttle Body — 5.7L Hemi Crate Engine 730.00

Electric Fuel Pump

P5153688 Electric Fuel Pump (5.9L Fuel Injection Kit) Fuel Regulator - 55 PSI (Not Shown) 123.65


Programmable EMS

“Plug and Play” Engine Management Systems (EMS) These engine management systems will forever change the way you look at and perform fuel injection tuning! User-friendly Windows™ based software (XP, 2000, NT, 98, 95 and ME) makes the task of copying, viewing and manipulating data as simple as a click of the mouse. User-defined templates are easily confi gurable and enable tuners to establish “quick keys” to any pertinent information during the tuning process. The infi nitely adjustable Mopar EMS software allows tuners to program virtually any combination of engine control, power adders and auxiliary devices, and accurately deliver proper amounts of fuel and correct ignition timing for virtually any engine configuration or operating condition. Mopar’s programmable engine management system is capable of adapting to almost any vehicle using “flying lead” wiring harness (available separately). We are confident that this is the most versatile, powerful, and comprehensive universal engine management program available for your Mopar!

Unique features found in Mopar’s universal EMS also include 10 independent, built-in peak and holder injector driver channels, direct drive ignition and dual wideband UEGO controllers. Specially configured injector drivers enable users to utilize either low impedance injectors with a true 4/1 peak and hold injector drive circuit as well as saturated injector drivers for use with high impedance injectors. The direct drive ignition feature allows users to drive a coil directly from the ECU, without the need for an igniter or ignition module. A unique, dual-channel wideband UEGO controller is an essential tuning tool that provides accurate monitoring and tuning of air/fuel ratios (AFR) on heavily modifi ed high-performance engines. In addition, the controller incorporates a dual-channel, defi nable knock sensor control for superior engine protection and tuning flexibility.

P5153608 Programmable EMS — Carbureted Applications2259.00

Note: For crate engine or conversion of 5.7L or 6.1L into an older classic car or truck. Not designed for newer vehicles already equipped with a 5.7L 0R 6.1L Hemi.

Engine Wiring Harness

Mopar Performance stand-alone engine harnesses are designed to provide everything you need to properly wire your car in one simple confi guration. Each master wiring harness includes built-in fuses and relays for fans, pumps, auxiliary power, and more. Harness has bundle identifiers for easy identification and installation to production Mopar sensors. Secure, “bolt-in” plug mates to Mopar EMS controller and eliminates any chance of separation. Each harness incorporates fl ying-head UEGO branches, allowing custom positioning of both left and right UEGO sensors.

EMS Wiring Harness (Programmable Applications)

P5153530AB Wiring Harness, 392 Hemi Crate Engine, EFI 925.00
P5153607AB Wiring Harness, 392 Hemi Crate Engine, Carb. 719.00

EMS Wiring Harness (Non-Programmable Applications)

P4510356 Wiring Harness, 5.7L Hemi Crate Engine, EFI 805.00
this pump flows over 60 gallons per hour
and is mandatory for engines w/boost
pressure of 18 lbs. requires fuel system
P5249511 super 60 fuel pump-2.2L/2.5L 184.00
Turbo injectors
these turbo MPI injectors can be used as
replacements for the production injectors.
turbo l and turbo ll cannot be interchanged,
except p4529495 injectoeors,which may be
used on turbo l or turbo ll engines.
(sold in sets of four)
P4452803 1984-89 turbo l 145.00
High flow turbo injectors +20%
this package does not interchange w/ any
production injectors and requires special
computer programming for proper function.
designed for very high output turbo engines.
package of four.
P4529495 turbo l and turbo ll 127.25

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