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Automatic Transmissions - J. W. Performance Parts

shifter improvement kits
RWD automatic transmission shift improver package. Enjoy faster, quicker shifts with this rwd shift improver package. On 1971 and later transmissions, the part throttle kickdown is retained. Through 1986 1/2 only for general purpose/ high performance.
P4007899 ALL A-904/998/999 19.95
shift improver package
this package offers firmer, quicker shifts for better performance and quicker ET's. package comes complete w/ all necessary parts,spacer gaskets, pan gasket and simple instructions. For serious performance racer applications. For use in non-lock-up applications only.
P4529088 1971-73 A-727 1971-73 A-904 V8 60.75

Transmission Neutral Safety Switch

P5007747Neutral Safety Switch — 3-Prong (1985–Present A-727/A-904) 10.00

Automatic Transmission Filter Spacer

Extruded aluminum Automatic Transmission Filter Spacer for RWD applications. One inch thick and machined with O-ring groove and three mounting screw holes.
P4510054Automatic Transmission Filter Spacer 24.25
RWD torque converter flex plate -5/16"
for use with econo/lock-up torque converters
P4876821 up to 1991 V8 52.50
RWD torque converter flex plates-7/16"
for use with race torque converters.
P4529751AB SFI approved-for use with six bolt crank flange, 7/16 bolts for B&M,J.W.per. T/Action converter. 54.75
P4529752AB SFI approved for use with eight bolt crank flange, and hemi,B&M, or turbo action converter. 87.95
P5153795RWD Flex Plate — Non-SFI Approved for use with 8-Bolt Crank Flange 77.75

Transmission Overhaul Kits

Packages include factory original equipment transmission seals, fi lters, gaskets, rings, bands and discs.
P5007846 High-Performance Transmission Overhaul Kit (1990–97 A-518/A-618) 326.50
P5007845 Heavy-Duty Transmission Overhaul Kit (1990–97 A-518/A-618) 240.00
P5007844 High-Performance Transmission Overhaul Kit (1987–97 A-500) 260.00
P5007843 Heavy-Duty Transmission Overhaul Kit (1987–97 A-500) 213.00

Transmission Overhaul Kits

Intended for general purpose street or drag strip usage. Friction materials are factory quality; O. E. parts manufactured through Raybestos. Adequate for dual purpose applications. Low/reverse band is not included, since wear is usually minimal and does not require replacement.
P5007172 Transmission Overhaul Kit (A-727) 170.00

Race Transmission Overhaul Kits

Recommended for strip use only. Aggressive Kevlar-lined front drum flex band (steel drum only) and Raybestos blue plate special racing front and rear clutch plates distinguish these from general performance overhaul kits.
P5007171 Race Transmission Overhaul Kit (A-727) 304.50
chrome attaching bolt package
fits all automatic transmission trans. assemblies. Includes filter,gasket sealant, and instructions
P4452785 all RWD (A904,A727,A500,A518) 33.75
RWD automatic transmission gasket and filter package.
all the parts you need for changing the fluid in your automatic transmission.
P4120461 A-727 gasket and filter 12.50
P3690855 Transmission Gasket (A-727) 9.00
non lock up performance econo converters for 904
P5007293AB 96 and newer A-500 1900-2100 Stall 270.00
lock up performance econo converters for 904
P5007291AB 1993–96 A-904 1900-2100 Stall 260.00
RWD torque converter balance weight and positioning template package
P4120241 required for rebalancing performance torque converters. For use w/ externally balanced cast iron crankshafts.designed for V8s such as 360 "B/RB" cast crank engines thru 1991 only.will not work w/magnum engines. balance weight and positioning template pkg. 56.10
P5249843 magnum 360 balance weight and positioning template package required for rebalancing performance torque converters. For use w/ externally balanced cast iron crankshafts in magnum 360 eng. from 1993-01, including magnum crate eng. magnum 360 balance weight and positioning template package 21.95
torque converter hardware
RWD flex plate screw package, for slant 6 V6, "A", B/RB and hemi engines.
P4876820 six bolt crankshaft comprised of 4 converter screws 5/16 and 6 crankshaft screws. 28.95
set of four bolts to attach torque converter to the flex plate. V8 and 6 cylinder
P4529591 torque converter bolt package 5/16" 7.50

Performance Gauges

Transmission temperature gauges.
77060049Short Sweep Electronic Transmission Temperature: 2 1/16"; Range: 100°F–260°F 147.65
77060048Short Sweep Electronic Transmission Temperature: 2 1/16"; Range: 100°F–260°F 152.50
RWD automatic transmission deep oil pan package.
available for A-727 and A-904 transmission. extra capacity steel pan improves cooling and lubrication of critical transmission components.results in better shift perf. And longer component life. Bolt on spacer provided to lower the fluid pickup. Includes drain plu.
P4007886AB A-904 and A-999 non-chrome 58.65
P3690730AB A-727-1966 and later non- chrome 58.65
filter extension package
when using some of mopar's deep auto. transmission pan packages, use this filter extension kit for service. This package contains one filter extension,one trans. Pan gasket and one transmission fluid filter. this kit services deep pan packages. P3690730,P4120161,P4120162,&P4007886
P5249321AB filter extension package 34.50
RWD complete clutch kit
dual purpose performance A-904(includes A-998 and A-999) transmissions can be fixed with these front and rear kits. all components are high quality OE designed for your transmission. Kit contains front & rear disc,clutch plates and instructions.
P4529008 A-904, A-500,performance 34.50
RWD front band
specify either dual purpose performance or race applications. Kit contains one band and mounting bolt pkg.
P4529020 front band-A_727,race 31.50
RWD kickdown lever
this special 5-to-1 ratio kickdown lever for the A-904 and A-727 automatic transmission can be used as a replacement on the 426 hemi transmission, and to speed up front band actuation on other A-904 and A-727 transmissions to firm up shifts.
P4529023AB kickdown lever 28.00

J. W. Performance Parts

50432A 5200/6100 stall $1183.95
50432BS 5400/6500 stall $1183.95
50432C 4400/5700 stall $1183.95
50432C9 3500/4700 stall w/special sprag $1183.95
50432CS 4800/6300 stall $1183.95
50432DS 4600/5700 stall $1183.95
50432ES 4300/5200 stall $1183.95
50438-1 10" 3400 stall $742.50
50438-2 10" 3800 stall $742.50
50442 11" 2400/2800 stall $390.15
50441 12" milage converter $322.65
50217-F 66 up manual forward pattern $214.47
50218-R 66 up manual reverse pattern $255.15
50550BR trans brake reverse pattern $754.65
55432A 8" 5200/6100 stall $1167.75
55432AS 8" 5800/6700 stall w/special sprag $1167.75
55432B 8'4800/5900 stall w/special sprag $1167.75
55432C 8" 4000/4200 stall $1167.75
55432CS 8" 4800/6300 stall w/special sprag $1167.75
55432D 8" 4000/5100 stall $1167.75
55432ES 8" 4300/5200 stall $1167.75
55432DS 8" 4600/5700 w/special sprag $1167.75
55438 10" 3800 stall $742.50
55442 11" 2500 stall $376.65
92455 mopar A engine to P/Glide $459.00
92456 mopar b/rb engine to P/Glide $459.00
50007 oem fits 11" converter 5/16 bolts $142.97
50008 hi perf.6bolt crank 7/16 bolts $174.15
50009 hi perf. 8 bolt crank 7/16 bolts $174.15
93009 6 bolt crank to gm 130 tooth $268.65
93009L 6 bolt crank to gm 130 tooth $268.65
93010 8 bolt crank to gm 130 tooth $268.65

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