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Small Block and Related Parts

Engine Teardown Gasket Set
includes all gaskets needed for complete engine teardown. Includes oil pan,cylinder head, valve cover,chain case cover,intake manifold and oil pump gaskets.
P4120692 340-360 104.50
2714 Fel-Pro “Race Kit” Small Block Kit $29.50
complete engine set of 8 rod bearings
CB481P rod bearing
Avalible in STD, .010, .020
CB481HN narrow std rod bearing 104.00
MAIN SETS IN STD, .010, .020, .030 UNDER
MS-963P 68-73 340 74.50
MS-1095P 71-73 360 79.00
MS-1266P 74-UP 360 79.00
MS-1344P 318-340 Full Grove 79.00
P5249056 F-77 tri-metal,.001" OVERSIZE 201.60
Forged "A" Engine Crankshaft
surface hardened, forged small block cranks feature radiused fillets at main and rod journals.
P5007255 3.58" stroke-6 bolt flange-4340 steel 360 main. 927.00
P5007252 4.00" stroke-6 bolt flange-4340 steel 318/340 main. 955.00
P5007254 4.00" stroke-6 bolt flange-4340 steel 360 main. 955.00
Heavy-Duty cast crankshaft
special heavyduty performance crankshafts with radiused fillets for the small block engine. requires balancing. Also features 6 bolt pattern on crank flange.
P5007256 4.00" stroke,318/340 main 440.00
P5007257 3.58" stroke, 318/340 main 368.00
P5007258 4.00" stroke,360 main 428.00
P5007259 3.58" stroke,360 main 435.00
P5249557ABCrank Bolt Package — 2.25" Length (SB with Aftermarket Dampers)10.00
Crank key package
P5249822 "A" engine-contains 2 keys. 9.00
Steel SFI approved vibration dampers
universial 6- bolt front pulley mount pattern
P5249690 273-318-340 forged crank(1968-71) 368.00
Thin "A" engine crank vibration damper
P4452816"A" engine-273-318 (1967-91) 340(1968-71) with forged crank.170.00
P5007301360 (pre-magnum 1971-92) and short blocks P4876906,907,908,913.94.25
Damper degree timing tape
P4529070AB Damper degree timing tape 9.00
Oil Slinger
protects front seal from excessive oil contact. forces lubricant oil into chain.
P5249636 "A" engine 9.00
Rollmaster Billet timing chain 1 Bolt Small Block $119.00
High strength double roller chains
kit includes magna fluxed sprockets and roller timing chain. "A" engine and magnum
P5249267 one-bolt mount 65.00
Timing chain tensioner
"A" engine and magnum replaces the thrust plate.designed for "A" engine as well as 3.9L,5.2L,5.9L, and magnum engines.
P5007709 use instead of thrust plate P5249637. 31.95

Timing Chain Covers

Timing chain cover
P5249930AB Production Timing Chain Cover — 9.560" Deck Height; Non-Chrome (Small Block and 3.9L V6) 69.00
Chrome bolt package for front timing covers
P4529256 "A" engine 39.50
pre magnum cam and lifter packages for 273/318/340/360 up to 1991(lifters/lube/cam/instruc)
P4452782AE 268/276dur-429/444lift idle to 5800 rpm 265.00
P4452757AE 248/256dur/410/425lift 1000/5000 rpm 265.00
P4452759AE 260/268 dur 430/450 lift 1200/5200 rpm 265.00
P4452761AE 260/272 dur 450/455 lift 1500/5800 rpm 265.00
P4452992AE 280/280 dur 474.474 lift 2000/6000 rpm 338.00
P4120231AE 284/284 dur 484/484 lift 2600/6000 rpm 338.00
P4120233AE 292/292dur 508/508lift 2800/6200 rpm 265.00
for pre magnum 273/318/340/360 up to 1991
P4120653AE 284/284/dur 528/528lift 2800/6900 rpm 380.00
P4120655AE 296/296dur 557/557 lift 3400/7200 rpm 380.00
P4120657AE 312/312 dur 590/590 lift 4000/7500 rpm 201.00
Race Roller UGL Camshafts
48° tappet “R” blocks (R1, R2, R3, R4) and 48° tappet aluminum blocks require special camshafts. These UGL (unground lobe) camshafts enable cam grinders to grind specific cam profiles to create a finished cam. Cannot be used in engine as-is.
P5007437 Race UGL Camshaft — Roller Tappets, for 60 mm Roller Bearings P5007361 (“R” Blocks) 294.00
includes complete engine set
P4876707 "A" engine,48 degrees,50 mm roller bearing applications 122.40
Camshaft sprocket attaching hardware
P4529838 "A" engine when fuel pump eccentric is used.
(includes washer). 15.50
P3614321AB "A" engine 9.00
P2843177 "A" engine race applications(0.0005" undersize) 14.50
Matched pair with guide bar.
P4452919 "A" engine-standard block 65.95

Aluminum Magnum Cylinder Heads

* Designed for 1992 and later 5.2L (318) and 1993 and later 5.9L (360) Magnum.
* Stock Magnum intake / exhaust flange and port locations
* 58cc Chambers
* 2.02" Stainless Intake valves
* 1.60" Stainless Exhaust valves
* General performance valve springs
* Steel 7-degree retainers
* Bronze valve guides
* Viton valve seals
* Hardened valve seats with 5-angle valve job
* 176cc Intake ports
* 75cc exhaust ports
* Requires Mopar Hardened Pushrod set
* Requires Mopar Adjustable Roller Rocker Arm Set P5153852
* For use with camshafts up to .580" lift

P5153847 Aluminum Magnum Cylinder Heads 1204.00 each

Aluminum LA Cylinder Heads

* Designed for non-emissions 1967-1992 Chrysler 318-340-360 V8 engines.
* Stock "LA" intake / exhaust flange and port locations
* 63cc Chambers
* 2.02" Stainless Intake valves
* 1.60" Stainless Exhaust valves
* General performance valve springs
* Steel 7-degree retainers
* Bronze valve guides
* Viton valve seals
* Hardened valve seats with 5-angle valve job
* 171cc Intake ports
* 77cc exhaust ports
* "LA" style shaft mounted rockers
* For use with camshafts up to .575" lift
* Will not fit positive deck pistons (340 HP) with out thick .080 head gasket

P5153849 Aluminum LA Cylinder Heads 763.00 each

“Commando” Large Port Cylinder Head Assembly (Cast Iron)

Features 2.02" intake valves, 1.60" exhaust valves. High- Performance Valve Springs — up to .535" lift. Chrome Moly Retainers; .060" Thick Valve Spring Seat/Cup. Fits all 1967–1991 318, 340 and 360 “LA” small-block applications and current Mopar R3 blocks. The Large Port “Commando” Cylinder Head retains the stock “LA” style intake and exhaust layout, while the unrestricted cross-sectional port area, combined with offsetstyle W2 rockers, increases airfl ow dramatically. The Large Port “Commando” Cylinder Head is the low-cost alternative to exotic race-style heads. W2 offset rocker arms are required.
P5153850“Commando” Large Port Cylinder Head Assembly 1,155.00 each

W2 Cast Iron Race Cylinder Heads

Features flat-machined rocker pads that require the use of T&D Race Rocker Arms and long valves. Heads must be oiled through the tappets and hollow pushrods. Older style rocker stands and rocker systems do not work with these heads.
P5249769 W2 Cast Iron Race Cylinder Head — 2.02" Intake (59° 65 cc), 1.60" Exhaust, Standard Intake Ports 592.00 each
P5007708ab W2 Cast Iron Race Cylinder Head — 2.02" Intake (48° 47 cc), 1.60" Exhaust, Revised Intake Ports 558.00 each

W9 Raised Port Aluminum Cylinder Head

Partially machined W9 Cylinder Head with raised intake and exhaust ports. Recommended for use in Sprint cars and Midgets. Features:
• High-strength, lightweight A356 aluminum alloy casting
• Ports raised signifi cantly higher than standard W9 cylinder heads
• Machined deck, intake surface, head bolts and valve cover rail; ports are cast small to allow for fl exibility in porting (requires porting)
• Chamber is cast fi lled-in to allow for a very small machined chamber (requires machining)
• Requires machining for valve guides, spark plugs, intake screws, porting, valve spring pockets, rocker stands, and injectors
• Recommended valve length: 6.040" intake and 6.060" exhaust
• 6-bolt head attachment design
• Recommended for use with T&D rocker arms with 0.750" offset (custom order)
P5007904 W9 Raised Port Aluminum Cylinder Head
(Small Block, A-4 Midget Block)
1038.00 each

W9 Aluminum Cylinder Heads

Designed with the professional racer in mind, W9 Aluminum Cylinder Heads incorporate the latest in “paperless design technology” to give racers the leading edge. Features high-strength, lightweight A356 aluminum alloy casting with thick decks that permit small chambers for maximum compression ratios, a 6-bolt head attachment design for sealing integrity, and raised intake and exhaust ports for maximum performance. Heads have a 15° valve angle, with additional material to permit “rolling” the head. They are the same length as the block to permit ease of installation with engine plates.
P5007855W9 Aluminum Cylinder Head (Small Block, A-4 Midget Block) 48° 950.00 each

Magnum Cylinder Head Conversion Components

Designed to allow the use of Magnum engine heads on pre-1992 Small Blocks. Requires the use of Magnum cylinder heads, hydraulic pushrods, Jeep tappets, and eight Magnum engine rocker arms (P4876050) to oil rocker arms through tappet and pushrod.
P4529220ABHydraulic Tappet — Sold Individually (Small Block) 15.75
P4876050Rocker Arm Set — Single Cylinder (5.9L Magnum, Magnum Crate Engines; Does Not Fit 4.7L) 12.00

Composition Material Cylinder Head Gaskets

Can be used for replacement or competition applications up to 12.5:1 compression ratio. Features 0.040"–0.042" compressed thickness (unless otherwise noted). Small Block 4-bolt pattern. Sold as engine set.
P4120094 Composition Material Cylinder Head Gasket — Up to 4.060" Bore; 0.024"–0.028" Compressed Thickness 59.95
P4349557 Composition Material Cylinder Head Gasket — Up to 4.060" Bore, High Compression 68.59
Low Compression Ratio Composition Material Head Gasket
Not recommended for compression ratios over 10.5:1
P4120093 Composition Material Cylinder Head Gasket — Up to 4.060" Bore; .040 Thicknes 24.25
includes all head bolts and washers as required.
P4120471 STD "A" engine 4 bolt 129.00
P4876759 Aluminum commando heads 121.50
replace the stock head bolts with high strength
studs and nuts (contains studs,nuts,and
washers, for changeover of stock head bolts)
P5007912Cylinder Head Stud Kit (Aluminum Block, W9 Raised Port Cylinder Head) 988.00

340 Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield

P2946105 340 Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield — Driver’s Side. Fits 1968–70 340 Applications with HP Exhaust Manifolds 183.75

“As Cast” Aluminum Valve Cover Set

Cast aluminum covers are more rigid than stamped steel, which helps prevent valve cover leaks. Sold “as cast” so you can set up the breathers as required. There’s no paint to remove if welding is done. Mopar Pentastar logo is cast into each cover. Set includes two valve covers and oil filler caps.
P5007612AB “As Cast” Aluminum Valve Cover Set 117.25
Valve cover gasket set
P4452089 race-small block-"A" engine 21.75
HP valve cover gasket
Heavy-duty ribbed,molded rubber gasket with steel shim reinforcement for added strength. for 5-bolt covers.(will NOT fit magnum engine application)
P5249581AB High performance valve cover gasket-5-bolt, "A" engine 54.75

Black Wrinkle Cast Aluminum Valve Cover Set

High-strength cast aluminum valve covers are more rigid than stamped steel, offering better anti-leak properties. Mopar Performance Pentastar logo is cast into each cover. Set includes two valve covers, two oil filler caps, and baffle package.
P5007611ab Black Wrinkle Cast Aluminum Valve Cover 130.00

Direct Connection Chrome Steel Valve Covers

Direct Connection chrome valve covers for small and big-block Mopar engines. These covers are just like the originals from the 1970’s and are chrome plated with baffles and grommets. The Direct Connection valve covers will add that perfect retro touch for any 318, 340, 360 along with 383, 400 and 440 engines.
- Stamped from brand new tooling to ensure superior valve cover sealing
- High luster chrome finish with vintage “Direct Connection” logo
- Package includes two chrome valve covers with built in baffles and rubber grommets

P4349632AB Small-Block (273,318,340,360) Valve Cover Package$121.00
"A" Engine polished cast aluminum valve covers.
These polished cast aluminum valve covers are perfect for that show car engine look. They feature the mopar performance logo and are polished to a chrome-like shine. Cast aluminum covers are more rigid than stamped valve covers and hel prevent valve cover leaks.set includes 2 valv covers, 2 baffles, 2 oil caps. Does not include gaskets or screws.
P5007613ab "A" engine 147.50
Wide valve cover set-W2/W5/W7/W9
Five-bolt cover features reversed lip design that allows the cover to be wider on stock production gasket surface. Extra width allows for larger valve springs and longer rocker arms. Mopar Pentastar logo featured on each cover. Use with Stud Package P4876676.
P4876124 WIDE valve cover set. 297.75
Valve cover accessory set
P4120272 comprised of 12 chrome plated screw and washer assemblies: (1) chrome plated oil filter cap and (2) rubber grommets 17.50
P5007419 valve cover grommet set for chrome valve covers 9.00
"A" cast aluminum valve cover hardware
"A" cast aluminum valve cover attaching kit
P5007052 baffle and screw package 9.00
P5007053 valve cover retaining screw set for "A" engine 19.00
Valve cover bolt kit
P5007458 "A" engine valve cover bolt kit-comprised of 12 chrome plated screws. For use with stamped steel and aluminum valve covers. 31.95
2525902 "A/B/RB" valve covers, 12 stainless studs, washers and nuts. 10.95
For cast aluminum valve covers only.
P5007620 chrome bolt set 34.50
P4120446 Breather with tube for use with P4529003 chrome valve covers. 20.50
P4529880 bottom vented for use with all mopar performance parts cast aluminum valve covers.( black,polished, or as cast) twist on 9.00
P4529881 push in style breather cap to fill any extra valve cover holes in in mopar performance parts cast aluminum valve covers-use with grommet (P4529882) 9.00
P4529882 rubber grommet to install P4529881 push in breather. 7.50
Cast valve cover grommet set-V8
set of grommets to service cast aluminum valve covers. Will work with black,polished, or as cast mopar performance parts valve covers except hemi. One for PCV,one for plug or opened for breather.
P5249642 cast valve cover grommet set 9.00
These stainless steel valves have swirl-polished underheads with no flat or ski jump areas. Each features a 3/8" stem diameter and one square groove.
P4876397 intake,1.88dia. 4.98"length 17.50
P5249186 intake,2.08dia. 4.98" length 18.00
W2/W5 stainless 1 s groove
P5249196 intake,2.08dia. 5.28" length 17.50
P5249198 exhaust,1.65dia. 5.29" length 14.50
5/16" stem,tulip,stainless steel 1 s groove
P4876580 intake,2.15 dia. 12.00
viton material,hi-temp material, full umbrella shape for best dual-purpose use,helps prevent oil seepage down valve guides. NOT recommended for use with dual-valve springs.
P4120492 16 pieces per pack,3/8" stem size,"A" engine 17.50
Sold as cylinder head sets-note that two sets are required for all V8 engines.
P4120618 Valve Keepers — 7°, Single Groove 43.50
P4452033 chrome-moly 8 degree locks,single std 9.00
P4286775 titanium,10 triple increase .060" 22.25

Valve Springs

High-pressure Valve Springs can be used on exhaust and intake valves for all high-performance applications. They feature a shorter fully compressed height and allow for increased valve lift. Springs maintain spring load at higher rpms. A must for highperformance cams. Sold individually. With a single spring, the damper is installed inside the main spring; with a dual spring, the damper is installed between the inner and outer springs. There are no dampers in the triple springs. The retainers listed are the basic recommendation. Check the actual retainer listing for other options: added installed height, materials and lock size.
P3412068 dual/damper 520/620lift special 10.00
P3690933 single/damper 440/500lift chrome-van 10.00
P4120249 single/damper 430/500lift chrome-van 10.00
P4286812 Valve Spring — .430"/.460" Lift 14.50
P4286813 single/damper 390/450lift-chrome-van 10.00
P4876064 dual/damper 590/640lift chrome-sil 12.50
Rocker shafts
P4510636Aluminum Rocker Shaft, hardened, machined for on-center valve gear35.75
Billet aluminum rocker shaft hold down for greater rocker shaft stiffness.helps rocker shaft maintain roundness w/ attaching torque. roundness is important w/mechanical rockers and high spring loads. Anodized blue.
P5249712 "A" engine, standard heads. 106.95
P5249713 "A" engine, W2 heads 106.95

Rocker Shaft Stands

Machined from T6061 billet aluminum, these high-strength Rocker Shaft Stands securely mount W2/W5 offset rocker shafts. Designed to upgrade cast aluminum rocker stands, these units will not flex, crack or crush. Each set contains 10 stands (6 narrow and 4 wide) and mounting bolts.
P5249049 W2/W5 billet aluminum 151.25
service hydraulic rockers
P4529474 "A" engine,1.5 ratio,right 10.00
P4529475 "A" engine,1.5 ratio,left 10.00
V8 Dual planes-2 bbl & 4 bbl
P4876335Aluminum Dual Plane Intake — 4-bbl Carb (1967–91 standard heads) 247.50
P5249572AB Aluminum Dual Plane Intake — 4-bbl Carb (W2 heads) 446.50
P5007381AB Aluminum Dual Plane Intake — 4-bbl Carb (5.2L/5.9L Truck Magnum/Jeep engines) 326.50
V8 Single plane-4 bbl
P4529408AB 4 bbl carb,aluminum, single plane,oval port, W2 heads,water heat. 323.00
Race V8 single planes-4 bbl
P5007380AB Aluminum Single Plane Intake — 4-bbl Carb (5.2L/5.9L Truck Magnum/Jeep engines, Magnum Crate engines) 326.50
BY_PASS Hose-"A" Engine
Designed to go from the intake manifold to the water pump.made of heavy-duty silicone rubber. kit includes: two clamps
P4876373 by-pass hose 12.50
Intake manifold fitting-"A" engine
Adapts by-pass hose(P4876373) to manifold.
P4876374 Intake manifold fitting-"A" engine 21.50
Intake gasket w/heat block-off
stainless steel heat block-off plate and intake gasket blocks exhaust heat from transferring to the intake manifold for a cooler,denser fuel-air mixture.
P4286569 "A" engine 21.50
Intake gasket w/out heat block-off
P4007570AB "A" engine 16.50
Intake manifold gasket sets
kit comes complete to service one engine. set includes:gaskets,end seals,O-rings,and distributer seal where applicable.
P5007154AB W9-0.045" thick 12.50
P4120210AB W2-0.030" thick 16.50
P4120211AB W2-0.045" thick 17.50
P4007571AB W2-0.060" thick 17.50
P4007570AB W2-0.120" thick 16.50

Also See the Milodon Page
for more oil pans and oiling systems

Each kit contains a factory engineered and approved oil pan,dipstick,drain plug,and washer, and an oil pickup and screen assembly. center sump style is used on passenger car applications, while rear sump tyle is used for pickups. Windage trays may be used if desired.
P5249060ab 360 rear sump 68.00
P4349628 "A ENGINE" center sump pan pass. Cars 18.50
Oil Pan Bolt Set
P4120613 Oil Pan Bolt Set 12.50
P4007572 340-reusable 10.00
P4007573 360 oil pan gasket 12.50
P4452093 360-race applications 12.50
P4452097 1970–90 318/340 Small Block and “X” Block 12.50
Factory original re-issued oil pick-up and screen assemblies.
P4529563 "A" engine-stock passenger car. 25.50
Designed to provide improved engine lubrication by reducing the interior windage at higher engine speeds.
P4529790 "A" engine-318/340/360 (includes tray and mounting hardware). 81.50
P3690939 windage tray attaching package-"A" engine (included in P4529790) 66.30
High Performance Oil Pump Assemblies
this high performance,high output oil pump assembly provides a 25% increase in oil volume. ideal replacement for stock pump in high performance applications.
P4286589 ALL "A" Engines 63.75
Melling M72 HV Oil Pump for “A” Engines $62.00
Melling M72 Oil Pump for “A” Engines $32.00

Distributor Drive Gear Assemblies

Features hardened tip shaft with full radius blend from hex to round and pinned gear.
P3690715 "A" engine 55.50
P3690874 for billet roller cam only-aluminum-bronze gear 223.25
Race Oil Restriction Packages
Blocks off oil to right side tappet bores.required for race engines with high lift roller camshafts.
P4120603 tube and peen tool pkg.-small block V8. 44.60

High-Performance Oil Filter

Engineered to meet the demands of heavy-duty and high-performance applications. Filter is black with Mopar Performance Pentastar logo.
P4452890 HP oil filter-black finish-Hemi 12.50
Right angle oil filter GASKET
P5249320 oil filter adapter gasket set. 9.00
P4286800 oil pump priming shaft 9.00
Water Pumps
"A" engine aluminum water pump Basic high flow designes. Six blade pump is recommended for use with cast iron cylinder heads and drag racing applications. Eight blade pump is recommended for use with aluminum cylinder heads and circle track applications. both of these pumps can be used for service replacement in 1968-91 magnum crate motors.
P5249558 six blade 64.98
P5249559 eight blade-increased flow 77.75
Attaching bolts-timing cover and water pump
P4529256 "A" engine 41.50
Chrome water neck
attractive heavy chrome plated water neck beautifies your engine compartment. Includes gasket and two chrome bolts.
P4286759 through 1978 17.50
Heavy-duty thermostats that can handle increased heat management duties in high performance engines. Each part number comes with replacement gasket."BIG" thermostat, P4876307 is 180 degree, "SMALL" thermostat , P4876308, opens at 195 degree
P4876308 195 degree 1979 and later 9.00
Plastigauge assortment
P4286819 this assortment includes:
1 blue strip for .004"-.009" clearances
2 red strips for .002"-.006" clearances
2 green strips for .001"-.003" clearnances.
each strip is 12" long. 9.00
Valve Lash adjustment chart decal
indicates how to properly set valve lash with
high lift camshafts on V8 engines.
P4452989 valve lash chart 7.50

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