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We Offer the complete line of Indy Cylinder Head Products including:
Blocks, Head Packages, Manifolds and Accessories

Todd worked on the 1st Indy wedge block in 1994. Since then he has worked on virtually every Indy Head available including the Legendary 440-1, SR, EZ and Legends

We also carry the Aerohead line of products that Indy Cylinder Head sells.

We offer true bolt on performance with premium valves, springs, retainers, and many more options. Call or email us for pricing and information on any custom work you might need.

If it comes from Indy, we can make it better and faster!
We have FRIENDLY customer service, waiting for your call or email

Blocks, Rotating Assemblies, Short Blocks, Crate Engines

Mopar Siamese or Water Cast Iron - 340, 440, Hemi

Indy Cylinder Head offers these blocks fully machined and blue printed. All blocks include: cam bearings, dowels and plugs installed. CNC bored located off deck dowels. Square deck with BHJ fixture, torque plate honed, finish honed, line hone finish, CNC stroke clearanced for 4.625” stroke, CNC lightening outside of block ( Wedge and Hemi).

Indy AMC Aluminum Water Blocks - 401 AMC

The Indy IC401 block is capable of supporting hugh horsepower due to the changes we have made: Billet steel splayed bolt main caps, valley cross braces, improved head bolt clamping, interlocking Hi nickel ductile dry sleeve construction and improved oiling.

Indy Maxx Aluminum Blocks - B, RB or Hemi water blocks

Indy Maxx aluminum blocks are the finest water jacketed blocks in the industry. These blocks easily handle high horsepower loads with reliability that's second to none. All our Indy Maxx water blocks include: choice of sleeves, cam bearings and screw in core plugs installed, dowels and oil gallery plugs supplied, Steel billet main caps, all 5 main caps cross bolted, siamese dry sleeve construction, .300” between cylinders at 4.500” bore, finished line hone, finished lifter bores, standard oil pan bolt pattern, available wide oil pan bolt pattern. Machined aluminum block ( 4.500” bore) weighs 133 lbs.

Indy Maxx Aluminum Solid Blocks - Wedge or Hemi

Our solid blocks are only sold fully machined for a Wedge or Hemi and include: Finished bored and honed cylinders, 9/16” main studs, all 5 main caps cross bolted (1/2-13), hugh billet aluminum main caps, cam bearings installed, head studs not included, deck set and receiver grooved, 7075 material main caps, extra strength added to deck and valley area, superior rear valley drain backs, Machined aluminum block (4.310” bore) weighs 155 lbs.

Rotating Assemblies - Crank, rods, pistons, pins, locks, rings, rod and main bearings

340, 440, Hemi
No one can put together a finer rotating assembly than Indy Cylinder Head. Our years of experience and testing allows us to assemble just the right combination of components to generate real horsepower.The quality of the components used in our rotating kits is unsurpassed assuring you of an engine build that will be done right the first time.
Balancing is available on all rotating kits unless noted

Short Block Kits - Balanced rotating assembly and finished machined block

For the do it yourself enthusiast we offer Indy short blocks as kits. These kits are designed with everything you need to assemble a high quality, powerful Indy Engine. Kits include fully machined blocks, crankshaft, rods, pistons, pins, rings, rods and main bearings. Balanced.

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